Small Business Commercial License

This is a SMALL BUSINESS COMMERCIAL USE LICENSE for any of my greeting card templates in my shop, or any greeting card design in the Free Resource Library on my blog.

If you have questions about the terms of this license, please send an email to before purchasing. Commercial licenses are non-refundable.

This Small Business Commercial Use License permits you to create and SELL UNLIMITED PHYSICAL GREETING CARDS with the purchase of ANY of my greeting card digital cut file listings.

This license does NOT include any digital cut files.

All templates intended to be used with this license are to be purchased separately.

This is a NO CREDIT license. You do not need to give “The Bearded Housewife” credit for the design you are selling (although credit is always appreciated).


Use of this file is for SMALL BUSINESS USE ONLY. By purchasing this file, you agree to the following terms of use.

YOU MAY create and sell UNLIMITED PHYSICAL GREETING CARDS from ANY of my greeting card template listings as well as any template in the free Resource Library on my blog with the purchase of this file.

YOU MAY sell your greeting cards on your own website, blog, your Shopify or Big Commerce Store, on Etsy, at craft shows, Facebook Marketplace, or in person sales.


YOU MAY NOT share, sell, copy, give away, or otherwise distribute the DIGITAL GREETING CARD TEMPLATE FILES or patterns in part or whole in any way.

YOU MAY NOT alter the DIGITAL GREETING CARD TEMPLATE FILES in any way (including making design changes, color alteration, size changes) in order to share, sell, copy, give away, or otherwise distribute.

YOU MAY NOT use my designs with print on demand services like Zazzle, Printful, Merch by Amazon, Tee Spring, etc.

NO REDISTRIBUTION: You may not REPRODUCE, ALTER, MODIFY, SHARE, GIFT, COPY, SELL, CREATE DERIVATIVE WORKS or REDISTRIBUTE the contents of the digital kit you purchased this license for, in whole or part, for any reason.

IMPORTANT: There are NO templates included with the purchase of this commercial license. Commercial licenses are non-refundable. By purchasing this item, you are agreeing to these terms and all of the above terms of use.

Because you are purchasing a seller’s license, I do provide a 20% off future purchases when buying digital cut files from my shop. Please check your download for the discount code.
(Please do not share this discount code as every purchase is tracked and matched back to the license holder’s account.)

The Bearded Housewife LLC ultimately holds all reserved rights to any originally created digital cut files.


Why do I have to buy a license to sell your designs?
The reason I require a license for my templates when selling for a profit, is because all my work is copyrighted under U.S. law. Since these designs are my intellectual property, I like to be aware of who is using my designs for profit. Because investing a small fee for the license is required, it also helps bring only those who are serious about selling the cards. Believe it or not, several people have already stolen my work to sell it without a license. Not only have they sold my designs but have also resold the digital cut files as their own work! Sad, but true.

How can I use the designs?

Uses include selling the physical greeting cards on personal websites, e-commerce sites, social media and local event vendors.

Do I have to renew the license?

No, this license is a ONE TIME ONLY fee and the license is good on any one of the greeting card cut files in my shop presently available, future designs that get released, as well as any template in the free resource library on my blog.

Are any templates included?

No. Any templates you wish to use in the shop can be purchased separately and used under the license as well as any templates from my blog that you wish to use. A coupon code is included in the license terms for a discount!

Can I resell the digital files?

No. Under NO conditions are the original digital files ever to be resold. I am very protective of my original work. Selling the original digital files will be a violation of the seller agreement.

What are the perks of being a license holder?

You will be allowed to purchase and use any design that gets released in the future under this license. If I release 100 more designs in the future, you will be allowed to purchase and use them for your small business!

If you feel this is right for you and want to create income while working from home and want to take the head work out of coming up with your own designs, then click below to read full terms and get started with your business!

Remember, this is a one-time-only fee and covers the ability to use the templates currently available plus any other design that are released for purchase in the future as well as any templates on my blog.

Typically, the first sale you do with your business will cover your license and everything going forward is your profit!